Save on Home Brewing Kits At the End of the Season

The other day I stopped in to the local home brewing store to pick up a beer kit. My wife made it clear that we would be brewing a porter, and since she hasn’t had any beer in the last nine months while pregnant I thought it wise to listen.

It is getting late in the season to brew a porter – this one won’t be done until the end of March so it could be spring time by then but it probably will not be very warm outside yet so a porter will be fine. When you get into the extreme heat and humidity of summer the dark, heavy beers like porters and stouts become a little less appetizing and lighter, fruitier beers sound better.
Next to the check out counter there was a shelf of beer kits that were on clearance. There was a pumpkin ale, which I have never found appetizing, so that was passed on. There was also a winter warmer that was twenty percent off. Yes! It is essentially a Scottish ale that is very alcoholic. I do not have any problem drinking Scottish ales in the warmer weather, so that worked out well. I will not be able to brew it until mid-march and we will not get to drink it until about memorial day given the fermentation vessels being tied up with a strong ipa and a strong porter, but that is ok. I think a winter warmer will be a great way to celebrate the start of the summer season!
Honestly, stouts and porters and Scottish ales are my favorite styles anyway so I would much prefer to have a stockpile of those over lighter beers.
Have you ever gotten a great deal on a beer kit at the end of a season?