Why Stout Is the Easiest Beer to Brew

Home brewing stores often say that stout is the easiest style of beer to brew because it is the hardest style to get wrong. Why is that?

First of all, stout is a nice rich, dark color. If you do not cool the beer quickly enough it will often develop “chill haze” from extra proteins in the beer, which is a cosmetic issue. The dark color of the stout hides this flaw.
Stout is also a nice full flavored beer. If you make any mistakes that lead to an off-flavor in the beer it is more easy to disguise in a stout than in a lighter beer.
In general, basic stouts are fairly low in alcohol. There are certainly exceptions, such as imperial stouts, but overall they are lower on the abv scale. This makes life easier for the yeast, which do not have to work quite so hard to ferment the beer. You will not have to worry about a yeast starter for most stouts, and you won’t have to worry about the yeast becoming overwhelmed by the beer.
I my opinion stout is one of the easiest beers to love. The flavor is great and the beer itself just looks great! In cold weather especially, you just can not beat a good stout!

5 thoughts on “Why Stout Is the Easiest Beer to Brew

  1. I have very hard water here, and I’ve read that the dark grains in stouts and porters help bring the pH down so when I wasn’t treating my water that may be another reason I was finding them to be better brews.

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