Where Do You Home Brew?

Home brewing is a great thing – making beer at home where you want to, when you want to. There are several popular places to make beer at home.

The place most people start home brewing is in the kitchen. Get a brew kettle, throw it on the stove, and go! This is pretty convenient to start, and the start up cost is pretty low, but it does have its draw backs. It will heat up your house quite a bit, and the house will smell like wort for a couple of days (although I have grown to really like this smell!). It also take the stove out of commission for a couple of hours, and if you have a boil-over it can be difficult to clean up. Also, if you have an electric stove the brew will take a long, long time because it will take so long to heat and boil the wort.
The basement or the garage are also popular places to brew. They often have some open and unuused space, and if you brew there most of the house will not smell like wort for a long time. To get this going, though, you will need to run down to the local home brewing supply store and pick up a burner to heat the wort. You will also need a water source nearby for the brewing.
The final place to brew is outside. This is better for ventilation if you are using a burner, and it can be pleasant if the weather is nice, but you are dependent on the weather if you brew outside.
Where do you brew?

One thought on “Where Do You Home Brew?

  1. I brew in the garage, the kitchen and outside depends on the weather. I really like brewing outside in the winter time. I am contemplating doing it on an open wood fire but it will be hard to control! Just to see how it turns out.
    Cheers Eh!

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